My Vow

The sound of the cars honking and birds flying reminded me of that one fateful afternoon spent with you.

I’m not sure why I still think about that jeepney ride. But I sure as hell know that I want to experience that time again.

I was feeling down and I texted every single friend I have on my phone book to talk to me. I needed a friend. I needed someone to understand what I was going through and how close it was for me to step away from my sanity.

Yes, I could not find any words or action to show how much I appreciate you. I was even surprised you agreed on riding a random jeepney on the street.

We didn’t even know where it was headed, we just told the driver that we intend to go down at the last stop. It was a 30 minute ride and we didn’t talk that much.

I was pre-occupied in my own thoughts. My heart was deeply scarred and I don’t know how to react. Every thing that happened that day affected my perceptions about myself and how I handle things.

For once in my life, I questioned if it was right that I didn’t react to their accusations.

Is it really right not to react when people tell bad things about you, especially when they are all wrong? Is it right to walk away when situations like this happen? Are you just going to let them make your image tainted when they tell other people about you?

I guess I haven’t fully moved on with the fact that I was hurt.

But you made me realize that I cannot change what they think about me. I just have to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing just as long as I believe it is right.

You told me other people don’t matter and I should be contented with the friends I have. I also remembered when you told me that there ‘s a big difference when you have many friends and they don’t care about you, compared to gaining a few friends whom you know will support you through thick and thin.

Thank you Iron Man for that one fateful afternoon. For making me feel better. For being one of the few friends I have.

Thank you for your understanding and care. Thank you for always taking time to rescue me whenever I feel so alone.

Thank you for choosing me over your video games, especially when you know that I badly need you.

Thank you for all the hugs that radiate the optimism you have. Your hugs are like a happy pill that removes all my sadness.

Thank you for showing your smile even though you rarely show it to other people.

Thank you for knowing the real me.

Thank you for loving me no matter how hard it is to understand my tantrums.

Thank you for all the little things you do that make me feel special.

And thank you for knowing when to be silent. It speaks more than words to me.

It truly is amazing how I met you in my life. I hope and pray that we will be together in this lifetime.

It is not forever I’m looking forward to. But for you I’ll do the best I can to understand and make this relationship work.

I love you Iron Man.



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