Cupid’s Arrow

I don’t know why people often want to make sure that they are really in love. I’m not saying this because I think it’s stupid. However, my point in this matter is that falling in love is much much more than the categories in the internet. It is more than what books tell about love. It is far beyond what other people we know advise us.

Being sure that you are in love is a personal conviction. You should ask yourself because the decision comes from you.

How important is that person to you? Do you think about that person every day? Does it matter to you if he or she has someone else?

Based from personal experience, you can only truly love someone when you have the courage to let that person go. If you are ready to accept if he or she falls to another person.

Because, as you can see, there are only two sides when you love a person… First scenario is when that person loves you back and for the second scenario, I think you know already that it is the other way around.

What I’m trying to point out here is the acceptance of whatever the outcome will be. Sometimes even with our feelings being intense and focused to the person we love, things just don’t go smoothly or contrary to what we envisioned in our minds.

I think we could only be truly ready and be fully decided with whom to love if we are mature enough to know that things won’t always go our way. And if we are ready to feel pain and sadness.

Because love isn’t all about the chocolates, flowers, movie dates, stroll in the park, holding hands, kisses, and all the other superficial things we might tag as love.

Love is understanding the person you love. It is deciding to be patient with all his or her flaws. It is accepting his or her imperfections. It knowing that there will always be that one person who will give more if it ever becomes a relationship.

Love isn’t asking too much. It is trying to stay together and see the beauty of life despite all the miseries happening around. It is finding that small hint of light in the midst of all the darkness.

For love.. It isn’t perfect… But because you are with the person you love, everything becomes perfect…


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