The Will To Keep The Passion Burning

I don’t know how to describe my feelings today. I met my high school friends and we ate lunch at Wan Chai. I recommend lemon chicken for first timers and partner it up with a lemonade and you are good to go! You can also order some siomai, it really tastes good… 😄

After eating such a heavy meal, we went to play Kinect and danced our hearts for one hour.

I love days when I get to spend time with the people I love the most. ( redundant 😂) Days like this proves me that there’s always something I could look forward to after stressful weeks.

I believe friendships built like this make everything worthwhile. It continually made me believe that I should NEVER GIVE UP no matter what and that I should keep trying to be positive because it is the only thing that could help me SURVIVE and THRIVE.

After being overly hyper with my dance schedule, I met up with my thesis mates and found out something that scarred me for life. It made me question how decisions should be made. It made me question why we build close relationships if it’s only going to be broken in the first place.

One of my thesis mates is planning or better yet is decided to transfer and shift to another course. After 3 years of sleepless nights and sacrifices, she has decided she is not fit for the course and that she made a mistake by choosing to stay longer.

My rational side responded with intense anger, simply because I don’t want her to take on irresponsible decisions in her life. I also fear that in the future she would have the same outlook about her course and repetitively change courses.

The question is, how does one keep the passion burning in pursuing a course?

I don’t exactly know why she was willing to give up 3 years and not pursue a one year of struggle to pass our course. I know Mass Communication is not an easy course to take, but why is she willing to give it all up just now? Why now? Why not when we were still first years?

Why have I allowed myself to become too attached? If I only knew we were meant to part ways, I shouldn’t have let myself love this person. She’s like a sister to me and she would always remain as one.

I know that we would still see each other in the future. But I always envisioned us graduating together.

Whatever the reason may be, it only made me realize that every little thing and person is unpredictable, even the persons whom we thought we know. Situations would always try our faith and would make us question what we hoped and believed in.

And that poses us to the questions should we ever give up knowing we would hurt people in the process? Should we leave the people who needs us to be there?

I’ll leave these questions for all of you to answer. For now, I’m still too emotional to understand what is happening.




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